Developed from Research Area A1 from the Cluster of Excellence Engineering of Advanced Materials FPS focuses on eight interdisciplinary fields of research:

  • Particle formation including bottom up synthesis in the gas and in the liquid phase as well as top down approaches like comminution, spraying, dispersion and emulsification
  • Molecular and particle interactions including stabilization, self assembly, modification and functionalization of particle surfaces
  • All mechanisms of structure formation in hierarchical systems like oriented aggregation, nanostructured particle systems, layer formation
  • In-depth characterization along the process chain using various in situ techniques, nonlinear optical spectroscopy and ion mobility mass spectrometry
  • Handling, formulation and processing of (nano)particles, e.g. crystallization, filtration, powder flow, safety
  • Applications in biology, chemistry, physics and toxicology
  • Modeling and optimization of particle formation, structure formation with strong emphasis on product design
  • Biomimetic materials and processes
  • Nonclassical and colloid-mediated crystallization processes