17. Mai 2018, 17:00

Time 17.00 Location Hörsaal C1 im Chemikum, Nikolaus-Fiebiger-Str. 10, Erlangen

Chemistry, Biomimetic Studies and Applications with Vitamin B12 Derivatives and Related Macrocycles
PD Dr. Felix Zelder, University of Zürich.

Cobalamins (Cbls) play important roles as enzymatic cofactors, photoreceptors and allosteric effectors in biological systems. In Cbl-protein and Cbl-nucleic acid complexes, biological function is often controlled by unique structural features of the organometallic cobalt-containing corrin macrocycles.[1] My group develops modified B12 derivatives and related macrocycles for fundamental studies, analytical purposes and potential medicinal applications.[2] Recently, we developed an immobilisation strategy for mimicking an important proton relay mechanism in cofactor-B12 protein complexes.[3] In other studies, we focus on developing B12 derivatives as inhibitors of bacterial and cancer cells growth.[2] In our analytical chemistry program, we develop metal-complexes for detecting small molecules and ions in competitive biological media.[4]

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