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Particle synthesis, Communition, Characterization, Interface engineering


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A comprehensive study on the mechanism behind formation and depletion of Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) phases

CrystEngComm, 6972–6984



Zeolite-Coated Porous Arrays: A Novel Strategy for Enzyme Encapsulation

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The effects of post-processing on the surface and the optical properties of copper indium sulfide quantum dots

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Synthesis of Goethite α-FeOOH Particles by Air Oxidation of Ferrous Hydroxide Fe(OH)2 Suspensions: Insight on the Formation Mechanism

Crystal Growth & Design, 15, 194–203


  • Stefan A. Möckel
  • Tobias Wernicke
  • Matthias Arzig
  • Philipp Köder
  • Marco Brandl
  • Rameez Ahmad
  • Monica Distaso
  • Wolfgang Peukert
  • Rainer Hock
  • Peter J. Wellmann

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